Introducing the Diamond Heart - a sleek women's watch with an automatic open heart mechanism, revealing intricate workings, a mother-of-pearl dial, and genuine diamonds on indexes.
Diamonds symbolize beauty and opulence, making the Diamond Heart a perfect gift for any occasion.
As JEAN LAEWARD said, "Angels are like diamonds. They can't be made; you have to find them. Each one is unique." The Diamond Heart reflects this sentiment, a truly exquisite timepiece. Discover the grace of the Diamond Heart, a symbol of the exceptional woman who wears it.



Jean Laeward crafts personalized Swiss watches featuring your unique custom design edition.
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PAIZ EDITION this amazing watch was created and based on the real Story of Alonso de Paz son of Antonio de Paz Hinestrosa descendant of the King of Spain "Rey Alfonso X the Wise, Spanish: el Sabio, was the king of Castile, León, and Galicia from 30 May 1252 until he died in 1284. During the election of 1257, a dissident faction chose him to be king of Germany on 1 April. He renounced his claim to Germany in 1275, and in creating an alliance with the Kingdom of England in 1254, his claim on the Duchy of Gascony as well.
Introducing a special limited edition watch designed for those who share a passion for the diving experience. This high-quality Swiss-made automatic men's watch is the perfect companion for passionate and professional divers alike, and is equally valuable for everyday wear, whether above or below sea level. Do you count yourself among the lucky few who relish the opportunity to explore the ocean's depths and discover its wonders? For some, scuba diving is more than just a sport – it's a way of life. From the vibrant coral reefs to the shimmering neon eels and majestic sharks, the underwater world holds endless fascination for ardent divers. With this exceptional timepiece, you'll feel fearless and ready to dive to new depths. The excitement of a diving experience is like a never-ending net of wonder, and this watch is the perfect reminder of all that lies beneath the surface.


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We guarantee the «Swiss-made» quality of all our timepieces, covering manufacturing and material defects that appear in the course of normal use in the 2 years after the date of purchase. Additionally, it includes a free replacement battery within the first year after the date of purchase if the battery is defective.

In the event of such manufacturing and material defects, Jean Laeward KLG undertakes, as appropriate and at its discretion, to repair your Jean Laeward KLG watch or to exchange it for an identical or equivalent model. This will be done at its own expense, as sole and exclusive compensation, subject to the presentation of the stamped warranty card that has been dated and signed by an «authorized» retailer, or the valid proof of purchase that states the date and model.

Shipping costs from the repair center will be covered by Jean Laeward KLG. As a limit to the manufacturer's warranty for repairs and exchanges, the manufacturer hereby limits and excludes the following cases:

  • The battery, after one year from the purchase date; normal wear and tear (discoloration of the strap, scratches on the glass, the bezel, the bracelet, or the case)
  • Damage caused by improper handling, as well as damage resulting from abuse, misuse, or accidents
  • Damage caused by an unauthorized repair center
If your watch is no longer under warranty, your service center will suggest alternative options and provide you with an estimate that includes repair fees and return shipping costs.
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